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Movies on the Stream Scene That Bring A Rush of Emotion

July 1, 2018
Tears of Joy

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Finding the perfect movie flick is not so much an Art these days, but more like a Science.  Criteria for deciding what to watch range from a Chemistry between you and the actors/ characters, the Physics of Relatability between your life and the plot, and if you are bringing along someone to the Cinema Party, the Anatomy of finding a movie that has a mixture of Comedic, Suspense, Mystery, and Romantic value!

As a frequent stakeholder in "Netflix & Chill" and "Amazon Prime Movies",  I have to admit that there is 1 in 10 movies that catch me off guard as I begin to feel "pins and needles", welled up-eye emotional surges of tears.    Okay, so maybe the average person would describe me as a cry baby, however I remember somewhere along the line hearing the phrase, "Real Men express their emotions".  I will go with that!  At times, my loving wife of 8 years (July 2), Happy Anniversary honey, catches me while watching a movie scene with short breaths, or gasps of emotional air, which I immediately cover up like I am yawning or coughing.  To make a long story short, I have compiled a list of 5 movies that for me are "feel good", "happy tearjerkers", that will have you get up from the couch feeling great about life, and maybe even bring out the hidden, real side of the love of your life:

Olsen twins
Olsen twins

It takes Two - Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen



Parent Trap




Bill Pullman
Independence Day




Dustin Hoffman