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Lighter Side Of The News 5/11: Robocaller Gets Fined

May 11, 2018

Every morning, Craig & Company bring you the Lighter Side of the News! Here are some of today’s highlights! 

"You've just won a trip to Florida! Just push one..." Does that robocall sound familiar? The man behind them, Adrian Abramovich from Florida, was fined $120 million by the FCC.

Dr. Dre lost his trademark fight against Dr. Drai.  The rap mogul was suing gynecologist Dr. Draion Burch of Pittsburgh, who called himself "Dr. Drai, America's Ob-Gyn." The judge rejected the lawsuit, saying it would be hard to confuse what Dr. Dre does and what Doctor Drai does for women.

We've all been to high school graduations where family members disrupt the proceedings by applauding and screaming as their child receives their diploma. A high school in South Carolina proposed a police presence, in which officers would issue a $1,000 ticket for violators. The police refused to do it.

Good idea, taken too far? A baby expert in Australia says you should ask your baby for permission, before you change their diaper. How does the baby let you know?

Have you heard of joggling? Zach Prescott is able to run, while juggling a trio of lacrosse balls. This week, he ran a 4 minute, 43 second mile, while juggling and running at the same time.

People in New Hampshire drink the most beer in America. The average resident drinks 433 cans of beer per year! That's about 8 cans of beer per week. Utah and Connecticut drank the least of all 50 states.

If you could eat something every single day without suffering any consequences, what would it be? Here's the top ten choices:

10. Chips
9. Cake
8. Donuts
7. French Fries
6. Pasta
5. Chocolate
4. Mexican Food
3. Ice Cream
2. Burgers
1. Pizza

Nobody said lobster!

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