DNA Testing For Cats Is Now A Thing

Is your furkid related to Grumpy Cat? Is he 'really' part Siamese?

September 21, 2018

Lisa Gold


We've heard all the hype (and skepticism) about those Ancestry/DNA kits, which--to be honest--are fascinating to me. Yup, I curated a tube of saliva and shipped it off to the lab to learn more about my heritage, whilst maybe inadvertantly creating my future clone, but whatever.

And now! You can test your cat's DNA! Yes, it's a DNA kit FOR. YOUR. CAT. You can find out your cat's ancestry, including breed determination, catnip-addict likeliness (LOL!), a wellness assessment, and more! Curious if your cat really is a Siamese mix? Does she actually have a bit of Serval blood? Could he be genetically disposed to a health issue? Basepaws is how to find out.

At first I thought this was a little bit over the top, but I've always been curious about my cats' bloodline. They're littermates and while they share some similar traits they're also totally different, quite like human siblings. Plus, feline enthusiasts will drop money on anything for their furbabies. 

It might be worth the dirty looks and possible swats to grab a quick sample of your cat's fur! 

Buuut it costs $95... that's a hisser. 

–Lisa Gold, 96.5 TIC

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