Fat Cat Shaming Is A Thing And My Cat Was Shamed

April 17, 2017

Lisa Gold


(This story was originally posted on 4/5/17)

This is my baby, Maestro.

Maestro looks like the most comfortable person in the world right now! #YesHesAPerson #NotOnThatChairThough -- #MedleyAndMaestro #CatsOfInstagram

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He and his brother, Medley, had a taste of viral internet fame this week as they were featured on Cats Of Instagram, an account boasting nearly 8 million followers!

From @violetfeline: "So fat he can't properly pounce on his brother. ----" #catsofinstagram #twitterweek

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We were excited at first, but the attention soon turned away from the video's cuteness into accusations of animal abuse. (Yes, seriously!) Scroll through the comments! Trolls are nasty!

And why? Because my cat is fat. I know he's fat. Yes, he's on a diet. And it's expensive $40 metabolic/urinary prescription food, to be specific. Yes, he regularly sees a veterinarian. He is NOT overfed. They're both active; they love chasing their toys (and each other) around the house.  But the internet trolls just assume that because he's portly he's not properly cared for.

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Did it not occur to these trolls to consider any of that before fat cat shaming us? Did they stop and think that maybe cats are like people; not all of their metabolisms are the same? Medley lost weight fairly quickly on their new diet, but for some reason, it's a little harder for Maestro. Just like people.

In hindsight, I probably should've captioned the video differently to take the focus off of his weight in the first place. But still. That doesn't give people the right to judge us and it's downright incendiary to scream animal abuse! I took great offense to that!

My cats are my children and they are loved!

Lesson learned: Going viral isn't always fame and fun!

------------------ #CatsOfInstagram #MedleyAndMaestro #Brothers #BABES!

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