FURniture Adventures: The Cats’ New Chair

February 22, 2017

Lisa Gold


(This story was originally posted on 2/22/17)

You know how it goes with home renovations; a new hardwood floor led to a new throw rug, which led to new drapes, which led to a new corner chair...

Well, we pet owners are familiar with our furbabies' thinking that the chair was purchased solely for them.

It all started when Medley staked his claim upon arrival of the chair.

I guess Medley likes my mom's new chair. ---- #CatsOfInstagram #MedleyAndMaestro

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… and then he wouldn’t relinquish his new ~throne! LOL!

Medley's new chair is working out pretty well for him lol. -- #MedleyAndMaestro #CatsOfInstagram

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But then finally Maestro squeezed his fat butt up there when his brother wasn’t looking!

Plot Twist! Today Maestro is in the chair! ---- #CatsOfInstagram #MedleyAndMaestro

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Until Medley took it back and Maestro was salty af!

Today's FURniture Adventures: Maestro salty af because Medley won't share. -- #MedleyAndMaestro #CatsOfInstagram #CatLadyProblems

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Then they finally learned how to share!!! ---- (Oh, and we decided to throw a cute cover–AKA fur catcher–on it!)

FURniture Adventures: I'm at work & my mom texts me these photos, OMG! They're both in the chair lol! ---- #CatsOfInstagram #MedleyAndMaestro

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FURniture Adventures: Here's today's episode... LOL! -- #CatsOfInstagram #Cats #MedleyAndMaestro

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Who run the world? Cats.

–Lisa Gold, 96.5 TIC

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