Here's Why Rock Painting Totally ROCKS!

August 9, 2017

Photo by Lisa Gold


Have you found any colorful rocks around your community? Maybe they boast an inspirational message or resemble a cute animal! They are popping up everywhere! From Jacksonville to Buffalo, it seems every city is talking about the latest way to spread positivity and love... and that's something everyone could use these days! If you haven't found your local rock painting group, you're missing the fun!

It all started via The Kindness Rocks Project! And its goal is simple - to make people happy! And all you have to do is paint rocks and hide them! And if you find them, you can either keep them or re-hide them!

And here's why it, well, ROCKS!

1.) You can get creative! 
I'm legit ready to stock up on art supplies and make a huge mess at the kitchen table just like I did when I was a kid!  My sister got a head start on me, so I spent last Saturday afternoon making a mess on HER kitchen table, LOL!

Hiding these somewhere in #Glastonbury later! -- #RockPainting

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2.) You can empower someone! 
Share a message of motivation, inspiration, solidarity, strength or love! Like #PreemiePower! My adorable niece ~helped create these rocks for her fellow preemies!

Emma painted some rocks. -- #AuntieLisa #RockPainting #PreemiePower

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3.) You can giggle with your siblings like back in the day! 
We had so much fun hiding our rocks! We laughed about literally everything!

This #RockPainting and hiding thing is super fun! Me and @lgold1986 left some in #Glastonbury today! --

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4.) It keeps you busy! 
It is seriously the best escape from reality and got my mind off of all things adulting!

5.) It keeps YOUR KIDS busy!
I don't have kids, but it is certainly keeping my friends' kids busy as summer winds down and your patience is wearing off, LOL! Painting, hiding, and finding -- they'll love doing it all!

6.) It's exercise!
You can rack up some steps on your FitBit when you go out hiding and finding!

7.) It's HAPPY!
It's amazing how something so simple can brighten someone's day!

So get your materials, find your community's Facebook group, and get ROCKING!

--Lisa Gold, 96.5 TIC

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