My First Visit to a Cat Cafe!

August 16, 2016

Photo by Lisa Gold


There are two things in life I can count on to always make me happy -- cats and coffee!

So when the trend of Cat Cafes started in Japan and Europe a few years back, I thought, "Now THAT is my kind of place!" Thankfully, it didn't take long for the trend to reach America! There are now several purrfectly wonderful Cat Cafes throughout the USA and I'm hoping to visit as many as possible!

On Sunday, I visited my very first -- Meow Parlour on the lower east side of Manhattan (in China Town). Reservations are recommended and offered in 30 minute blocks for $5.00. Thirty minutes was not nearly enough time for me to talk to and pet every cat, so I ended up staying a full hour! No worries, you can pay the balance for extra time. I honestly could've stayed a lot longer. The room is very inviting, comfy, and totally 'catified' (as Jackson Galaxy would say)! It was cat lady heaven!

Enjoying a peach iced tea before meowing with my people lol. #CatsOfInstagram #CatLadyProblems #CatCafe #NYC

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My first visit to @meowparlour was PURRfect! Next time I have to bring @lgold1986!! -- #CatsOfInstagram #CatCafe #NYC #CatLadyProblems

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And the coolest thing about Meow Parlour? All of the cats are up for adoption via KittyKind; they're all so adorable with a variety of PURRsonalities to tickle every cat lover's fancy. If you're lucky, one might even climb into your lap and curl up for a nap! It was one of the coolest hours of my life!

Due to health codes, the actual 'cafe' is around the block from the cats' space. But you can purchase your snacks and take them into the kitty area. The staff is also happy to take your order and bring it over. Their chocolate chip cookies are hands down one of the best I've ever had! The weather was insanely hot and humid and I'd just walked what felt like a zillion blocks, so I settled for an iced tea instead of my beloved hot coffee. On my next visit, I'll get a mocha! (And another chocolate chip cookie or five!)

Here's a video peek inside Meow Parlour! The video says reservations are booked two months out, but this was when it first opened. (I made a reservation the day before.) If you're taking an impromptu day trip to NYC, here's info on how to book some feline fun at Meow Parlour!

To get there via subway from Grand Central: Take the 6 downtown to Canal St., then it's about a 10-15 minute walk. Piece of cake!


--Lisa Gold, 96.5 TIC