What Was Dave Matthews' First Guitar?

July 1, 2019

In their first interview together, Christine Lee and Salt caught up with Dave Matthews at the 96.5TIC Beach House. In keeping with the first time theme, they talked about Dave's first, ever guitar and more.

Christine & Salt: What was your first guitar?

Dave Matthews: "I think it was a really old Ibanez guitar that the guy who was renting the basement apartment in my neighbor's house gave to me when I was 8 or 9. I gave it to my cousin. Maybe moving around a lot as a kid made me detached from material things, but the only thing I was ever really attached to was... a rubber giraffe that I got from Sears. I kept it til I was like 15. I used to draw the spots back in, because they'd fade. And then the head came off and I had to tape the head back on. I lived out of the Sears catalog. I had the Toughskins with the big patches, and I'm sure kids teased me but I didn't know, I was just in my own world. Then I got a little older and started feeling self conscious, and I remember saying to my mom I want to get some Adidas, and she said how much is a pair of Adidas. I said forty dollars, and my mom said not a chance. You can bloody well buy your own Adidas."

C & S: Your fans have been described as the closest thing to Dead Heads. The way Dead Heads are about the Grateful Dead, your fans are about Dave Matthews.

Dave: "If I was gonna say the band that should get the torch from the Dead, it would be Phish. For some of their fans, the idea of listening to anything but fish is almost like, I dunno, pooping in the kitchen. It's so terrible, the idea of it."