Dirty on the :30: Cole Sprouse Crushed It During People's Choice Award Speech

November 11, 2019

(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

The 2019 E! People's Choice Awards are now in the books.

Avengers: Endgame is the People's Choice for movies. 

Jennifer Aniston won an Icon award, and P!nk won People's Champion. Stranger Things did really well, winning Best Overall Show on TV as well as Best Drama Series, beating out Game Thrones and a lot of other contenders.

Cole Sprouse-- Jughead Jones from Riverdale-- won for Movie Drama Star for the movie Five Feet Apart. He also probably should have won for best acceptance speech, ever. 

Will Smith wanted to do a vlog when he went to get a colonoscopy. He thought it was going to be a fun thing, but it turned out the doctors found precancerous polyps which made things turn serious very quickly. He's going to have to go back for another procedure in the next two to three years to make sure that they haven't grown back and hasn't turned into cancer. It's a situation a lot of guys face, and a sobering reminder that prostate health is very important, this month and in general.

We've been hearing about Jeopardy! for the last year or so, because of James Holzhauer and Alex Trebek's struggles with health. But now, there's Wheel of Fortune drama as well, with two stories in the same day coming out. 

First off, Pat Sajak had to undergo a procedure, so Vanna White stepped in and took over for the show. 

And secondly, Pat Sajak supposedly helped a contestant, because he misheard her answer and repeated it as the correct one. Here's the big question-- why did they air it? The show is recorded beforehand, so if there's any kind of issue, just don't air the episode. She didn't go on to the final round, so it was kind of no harm, no foul, but still.