Dirty on the :30: The Chrisleys' Tax Fraud Scheme Revealed?

October 7, 2019

(Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images)

Todd and Julie Chrisley are apparently involved in a lengthy scheme to avoid taxes and hide their income from the IRS, going so far as to move from Georgia to Tennessee. One of the ways they were accused of avoiding the IRS was by keeping Todd's name off of all the documents, replacing it with the Seven Seas production company instead, and then accepting millions of dollars worth of income.

Hailey Bieber accidentally scratched her husband's car over the weekend. But it wasn't just a little Mazda or whatever - this was Justin Bieber's $200,000 hot pink Lamborghini. He posted about it on his Instagram story, but he didn't flip out... he ended up calling her cute.

We hear people are walking out of screenings of The Joker, with bad behavior of some theater goers making the showing - and the potential of violence - to feel very uncomfortable. So it's not the movie itself, although from what we hear it's a bit of a bummer.