Dirty on the :30: Kanye West's Lame Sunday Service Brunch

November 4, 2019

(Photo by Robin Marchant/Getty Images for Ralph Lauren)

Kanye West sold $55 brunch at this weekend's Sunday Service, and it was very underwhelming. 

It included a sausage patty, two strips of bacon, one pancake, and a glob of grits. One woman posted a picture of "Brunchella" and put Kanye on blast. Kanye said local organizers were responsible for this, not him, and they farmed it out to a caterer. People are already comparing the lame brunch with the awful looking sandwiches spotted at Fyre Festival.

Kim Kardashian claimed she gained 18 pounts over the past year. We don't know where she's wearing it, but she's now working with a personal trainer to drop the weight. She said it's not the working out that's the problem, it's that she's been stuffing her face lately (we can relate). 

Solange Knowles is getting a divorce. She's fighting rumors that she's the one who cheated in her marriage, which is ironic because she once beat on Jay-Z in an elevator after he allegedly cheated on her sister Beyonce.

Kelly Clarkson just announced a Las Vegas residency!