Dirty on the :30: Kelly Ripa Claps Back at 'Extreme Poverty' Critics

October 25, 2019

(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Kelly Ripa was on Jimmy Kimmel, talking about how her son Michael is experiencing "extreme poverty," now that he's gone from living in a multimillionaires home with his parents to living in New York City and having to pay his own rent.

The internet went crazy, saying her calling her son's living anything like poverty was very clueless. She clapped back at the criticism, calling it fake outrage.

Meghan Markle estrangede half-sister Samantha is mixing into the situation, saying it's ridiculous that Meghan is complaining about anything now that she's part of the Royal family.

Drake went all out for his 33rd birthday party, which was gangster themed. Rumors are swirling now, because Kylie Jenner was dancing next to him (not with him, just next to him). People are saying it was awful flirty, but he played her Sweet 16 party six years ago, so that would make this extra weird.

Kiefer Sutherland is apologizing and saying he feels he had a hand in inventing the mullet. He had that hairstyle from the movie The Lost Boys in 1987, but the mullet had to be around before then, right? Salt did a deep dive, and as it turns out, the Beastie Boys coined the term back in 1994, but Kiefer predated that by seven years... so he might have, in fact, invented the mullet!