Dirty on the :30: Lamar Odom Sent Home on DWTS

October 8, 2019

(ABC/Eric McCandless)

Dancing with the Stars had some ups and some major downs last night. Apparently, Lauren Alaina (from American Idol) had a tough week, missing some rehearsals after someone in her family had a brain bleed and went into a coma. She was out of things last night because of that. 

Lamar Odom finally went home last night, although it was bittersweet because his best performance was last night's Viennese Waltz. He actually did a pretty good job now!

The two highest scores of the night were from Karamo and James Van Der Beek, who both scored a 28. But people were saying Karama's was great because it had emotion and it was fun, while James Van Der Beek's 28-- although technically good-- was very robotic and sterile. It seems like that's going to be his problem going forward in this competition... he's not showing too much emotion, even though he's nailing the steps. 

It looks like Nick Jonas is joining Season 18 of The Voice. Adam Levine has been gone from the show for a while, but he doesn't miss it. He likes being a stay at home dad. 

Alex Trebek has been fighting pancreatic cancer for the last few months. He made a comeback to the show, but didn't really respond well to the second round of chemo, so he may have to step down. He said the treatment is affecting his faculties, and he doesn't want that to be a problem for the show. 

Justin Bieber is stirring the pot with Taylor Swift fans, making fun of her after she had Lasik surgery.