Dirty on the :30: Lori Loughlin Facing a Harsh Sentence

October 9, 2019

Photo by Paul Marotta/Getty Images

Lori Loughlin is facing a significant amount of jail time if she is convicted, and the prosecutor seems like he really has it out for her. He said they're going after a much larger sentence for her than Felicity Huffman received. Lori actually still has time to make a deal in the months before the trial. She will still receive jail time, and more than Felicity, but if she makes a deal it could still be significantly better than if she doesn't. Nobody is really on her side, because she's been acting so smug and arrogant during the length of this scandal.


Bachelor Nation is reeling this morning. The new Bachelor, Pilot Pete was in Costa Rica and took a face plant. He was reportedly holding a pair of cocktail glasses while he was golfing and took a tumble. He got a cut on his face that required 22 stitces. He's apparently fine and already back to dating.

Kaitlyn Bristowe has some words for Bachelor creator Mike Fleiss. She blew him up on Nikki Glaser's podcast, accusing him of hating women. She also said Fleiss has been blocking her from competing on Dancing With The Stars.