Dirty on the :30: Lori Loughlin Hit With New Charges

October 23, 2019

Photo by Paul Marotta/Getty Images

Just when Lori Loughlin thought that she was going to get away with her role in the college admissions scandal, they threw the book at her and her husband.

Felicity Huffman went to jail for 13 days, and prosecutors were starting to worry that maybe Lori Loughlin would skate on her sentence, compared to what other people were getting. Felicity's charges were more egregious, because she was taking down an entire institution in the SATs, while Lori was just trying to get her daughters into school, but-- in a new twist-- they've thrown a new bribery charge at Lori and her husband. This charge carries more weight, and the message from the prosecutors is basically, this is what they get for playing games and not being apologetic. Many legal experts believe they're trying to force a settlement, where instead of going to trial, they come to terms on an agreement involving a certain monetary fine and amount of jail time and move on.

Lindsay Lohan is getting involved in the Cody Simpson/ Miley Cyrus situation. Here's how you connect all the dots: Lindsay's sister Ali once dated Cody, who-- by the way-- won the inaugural season of Australia's Masked Singer... on which Lindsay Lohan was a judge. Lindsay posted-- and then immediately took down-- a snarky Instagram post basically saying I see you're not living your best life anymore after you dumped my sister.

Meanwhile, Cody seems perfectly happy to be with Miley Cyrus. 

Wendy Williams said nobody feels sorry for you, Meghan Markle. She's just a fountain of empathy, isn't she? Wendy also apparently took her son and nephew out to a strip club! She recently got her Hollywood star on the Walk of Fame, and said she had to teach her son how to make it rain, as fathers do... presumably because she and her husband are getting a divorce and he's not around. But our dads never took us to a strip club. She ended up at a club called Blow in Hollywood, with a wheelchair-bound Dance Moms star Abby Lee Miller, which seems weirdly perfect. 

Selena Gomez is back with new music! Her latest is a power ballad called "Lose You To Love Me." Check it out: