Dirty on the :30: Mariah Carey Writing a Memoir?

November 8, 2019

(Photo by Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images,)

A new memoir by Mariah Carey is on the list of titles from Andy Cohen Books. Apparently, it's going to feature everything that Mariah has been going through in her life. If they touch at all on the Tommy Mottola years, it's gonna be good. Plus, there's her more recent Nick Cannon years, and what happened afterwards when she got with that Australian billionaire. Maybe she shares advice on weight loss, because she's famously been up and down over the years.


Billie Eilish has a new mullet, but it's not on purpose. TMZ caught up with her and asked about the mullet she's sporting these days. She somebody dyed her hair and they burned off half of it. Billie is currently growing her hair out, but the mullet part was not on purpose.

The Jersey Shore cast is here to educate us on how our government works. Vinny had a pop quiz for Angelina-- name the three branches of government. She did not get them right. As it turns out, Vinny actually had a really good GPA in high school, apparently.