Dirty On The :30: More Charges Against Cuba Gooding Junior

October 11, 2019

(Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images)

Cuba Gooding Junior was hit with charges from a night club incident from a few months back, where a woman alleged that he groped her. He said he was just leaning in to talk. There was some security camera footage of the incident, but it was kind of blurry and you couldn't really tell what was happening because everybody was really wasted in it. Since then, Cuba has not stopped partying, and now new charges have been filed against him. We don't know what they are yet because they're still under seal, but it can't be good news for Cuba. He's maintained his innocence, but he faces up to a year in jail if he's convicted. 

Paula Abdul was on Watch What Happens Live, and they were talking about Keanu Reeves, who she used to date. She recalled the first time she ever met him... she went up to his trailer and caught him with headphones on, playing air guitar!

Kevin Hart is back at work on the set of Jumanji, following his serious accident. He's not doing any of the action sequences, and said he's not 100 percent, but if we were in a car accident as bad as the one he was, we'd be taking two, maybe three sequels off.