Dirty on the :30: See Mariah Carey's Hilarious New Christmas Ad

November 7, 2019


Whitney Houston's best friend and long rumored girlfriend, Robyn Crawford, is speaking out on their relationship, because she has a book coming out.

It's sad Robyn and Whitney couldn't be open about their relationship when Whitney was still alive, but apparently Whitney didn't want the image that would come with her being out. So, she couldn't live her truth, which lead to one of the worst-kept secrets in music history. The book is A Song For You: My Life with Whitney Houston, in stores November 12th. 

Mariah Carey got $11 million to do a potato chip commercial. It's such a cute ad... she's in her diva Christmas gear, just crushing it, and it comes down to who's going to get the best bag of chips-- her or a little elf. To get him to drop the bag, she hits the high note and our computer screen almost shattered. Based on our calculations, Mariah took one bite of the chips; that's $11 million per bite. 

The Masked Singer had a two hour comeback special, and they revealed who the Penguin and the Black Widow were. SPOILERS in the videos below!