Ingrid Michaelson Shares a Preview of 'The Notebook' on Broadway

September 15, 2019

Ingrid Michaelson drove to The Russian Lady in Hartford to perform at the Acoustic Cafe, and she inventoried everything in her to-go bag when she sat down with Christine and Salt. Get a look at what's inside... as well as her work on the Broadway adaptation of The Notebook.

Like all of us, Ingrid Michaelson brings a bag with her EVERYWHERE. When she sat down with Christine and Salt, Ingrid shared what's inside that bag, which is the same whether she's vacationing in Paris to visit the Eiffel Tower or heading to an Acoustic Cafe performance in Hartford. 

But there's more to Ingrid than bags; she has music, including her new album-- Stranger Songs, which was inspired by the hit Netfix show Stranger Things-- and writing songs for the Broadway musical version of The Notebook. Music is one of the things that can take Ingrid away from anxiety, something she can get lost in; when she gets in the zone, it takes her out of everything else.

That was how she wrote her latest album, as well as her work on the Broadway version of The Notebook. Ingrid says the musical will go in a different, very theatrical direction compared to the movie, but she's confident the story will still make you cry. Even though she wrote it, Ingrid admitted the Broadway music even makes her cry when she listens to it. If that's not an endorsement for anyone who loves the Ryan Gosling/ Rachel McAdams romance, we don't know what is.

Check out Christine and Salt's complete interview with Ingrid Michaelson now: