The Lighter Side: Hand Models Make HOW MUCH?!

August 2, 2019

Photo: iStock/Getty Images Plus

Hand models make HOW MUCH?! And if you've ever left a bad review, beware... you can be sued! More in today's Lighter Side! 

Hand models can make $6000 a day! And most hand models insure their hands for $2-5 million! They can't even do things... how do they drive or eat?!

There's a new trend where people are renting out their swimming pools. Pools in Los Angeles range from $25-$100 an hour! 

Have you ever left a bad review online? Be aware that you can be sued for that negative review! People are being hit with SLAP lawsuits.

A chain of movie theaters is encouraging people to dress up as clowns for IT Chapter 2...

Today is International Beer Day! Not to be confused with all the other days involving beer.... there's a bunch! LOL!