Dirty on the :30: Mindy Kaling Gets Real About Sexism at the TV Academy

October 10, 2019

(Photo by Rich Fury/Getty Images)

Mindy Kaling is opening up about the alleged sexism she experienced from the TV Academy.

She told Elle magazine about her time on The Office, a show she executive produced and wrote for in addition to playing Kelly Kapoor. She was questioned by the Academy because they wanted to pull her producing credit off. They made her write an essay-- like in high school-- and also made her get letters from her male counterparts, who were also producers and writers, explaining what she did on the show. That's absolutely ridiculous, it's like asking them to sign a permission slip to get an Emmy.

Brooke Nevils' allegation that she was raped by Matt Lauer was discussed on the Today show. That, of course, is the same show he was fired from over claims of sexual misconduct.

Apple has a new streaming service, Apple TV Plus, starting November 1st. They've apparently decided to back up the money truck for Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell, to get them to star in a musical version of A Christmas Carol. Reynolds, who's been doing a lot of work with Netflix lately, set his price tag at $35 million and Apple agreed! Will Ferrell wanted $25 million, and they paid that, too. This project seems like it would be worth the $5 subscription fee all by itself!