The Property Brothers Talk New Kids' Book, Next Huge Project

October 15, 2019

The stars of multiple HGTV series, the Property Brothers are now remodeling the children's book world with their new book Builder Brothers: Better Together. They talk about the book, some of their exciting upcoming projects, and more.

Drew and Jonathan Scott-- better known as the Property Brothers-- somehow gained a new level of fame when they redid the Brady Bunch house, but where do they go from there? The Golden Girls house? The Full House home? The Fresh Prince of Bel Air mansion? They tease there's something exciting on the horizon.

One of the toughest things about being a world-famous home designer is finding someone who invites you over and DOESN'T ask you for home advice. It got so bad, when Jonathan was single, one lady invited him over for dinner at her place, and when he got there she had floor tiles and paint samples laid out everywhere, waiting for his advice.

The Builder Brothers series has been the Property Brothers' way of reaching a younger audience, and inspiring kids. Is it a hint there might be children in their future? You never know...

Hear the full interview below: