Shawn Mendes' Mom Doesn't Approve of His Hand Tattoo

September 3, 2019

Christine Lee and Salt met Shawn Mendes at the 96.5TIC Beach House, and he told them which artist he would have geeked out to see when he was in high school, what his mom thinks of his tattoos, the Shawn Mendes Foundation, and more.

Shawn Mendes may be a super famous artist, selling out concerts, shooting sexy videos with Camila Cabello, and performing super cool private Beach House events for 96.5TIC... but he's also a person, just like the rest of us.

The winner of our Beach House contest is in high school, and she and her friends went crazy when they got to meet Shawn... so what artist would he have died to meet back in high school? He says Ed Sheeran. And if you ever got a tattoo your parents didn't approve of, don't worry-- so did Shawn. His mom was apparently very upset about the swallow tattoo he got on his hand (looks like no office jobs for him).

Shawn also talked about The Shawn Mendes Foundation, which is a great way for young people to support a cause that's important to them. Shawn believes we can't just tackle one problem, and his foundation is a way to make many causes all equally important.

Check out the full interview below!