Translating Generation Z Word of the Day: Fit

August 20, 2019

Last night on Bachelor in Paradise, Christine was watching the fallout from the big fight between Jordan and Christian, and she couldn't understand a word anyone was saying.

What does it even mean to be "G about it"?

There's so many words we hear from our kids, and they're talking in circles around us. So we figured we could help people out this morning, because our resident Generation Z spokesperson Raquel is here to give us a word and help us decipher it. 

Today's word is: Fit.

Fit can have a couple meanings. It can be short for outfit, as in "I really like that fit" (because two syllables is clearly too long to say out loud). 

Across the pond, Fit can also mean someone is very attractive. And now that everyone is watching the UK version of Love Island, that meaning is starting to catch on here, too. So if you see a hot dude, you could say "That guy is so fit."