Dirty on the :30: Who Will Interview Felicity Huffman Post-Jail First?

October 28, 2019

(Photo by Paul Marotta/Getty Images)

What was the point of even going in? Felicity Huffman was released several days early from her 14-day sentence. This is how it works with jail-- if you go in after 5pm, it still counts as a whole day, and if you're supposed to get released on the weekend, you get out early on Friday, because they don't want to process people on Saturday or Sunday. So Felicity ended up only serving 11 days of her 14 day sentence. Now, all the television networks are clamoring to get her to do the first sit down interview with them. 

It was not such a good weekend for Ben Affleck. He was celebrating Halloween early when TMZ and other tabloids caught up with him with some unknown woman outside of a party after it was over, and he was wasted. He was wearing a skull mask and fell backward toward a car, then walked into another car which was taking him home (he wasn't driving, so that was good at least). TMZ caught up with him again the next day, and he said it was a slip, but he's not going to let it derail him. Then, he went to Jennifer Garner's house. Jennifer seems to help keep him grounded, so if anyone could help him get back on track, it's her. 

What happened to Lindsay Lohan's Russian/ Greek/ Serbian accent? She apparently went back to her regular accent now, at least when she was backtracking her dig at Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson.