Dirty on the :30: Why Sylvester Stallone & Richard Gere Became Arch Rivals

October 7, 2019

(Photos by Brenda Chase / Stringer & Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

Elton John said Sylvester Stallone and Richard Gere got into a huge fight at his house once because apparently Stallone wanted to get with Princess Diana, but Gere was monopolizing all her time. Eventually, Sly stormed out saying "If I wanted her, I would have taken her." What would make for the perfect arch nemesis to a big, beefy guy like Sly Stallone? A tall, dapper looking dude like Richard Gere.

The charges that the Cook County grand jury originally indicted against Jussie Smollett may come back. The state's attorney Kim Foxx dismissed the charges against him, but there's a special prosecutor, Dan Webb, who met with the two brothers who claimed Jussie paid them to attack him. He met with them over the weekend, both in multiple hour sessions, and they are trying to reinstate the charges. The attorney has the power to do it, so if Jussie thinks he's off the hook for all of this, he is not. 

Martin Scorsese had some words about Marvel movies, saying they're like amusement park rides, not real cinema. It came out of nowhere when somebody asked him last week. Samuel L. Jackson wasn't having it, though.