Nutmeg Big Brothers Big Sisters is looking for YOU!

Join in on the "50 for Fall" campaign

September 15, 2020

Nutmeg Big Brothers Big Sisters


Being a Big Brother or Big Sister is one of the most enjoyable things you’ll ever do. Not to mention, one of the most fulfilling. You have the opportunity to help shape a child’s future for the better by empowering them to achieve. And the best part is, it’s actually a lot of fun. You and your Little can share the kinds of activities you already like to do.

Play sports together. Go on a hike. Read books. Eat a pizza with extra anchovies. Or just give some advice and inspiration. Whatever it is you enjoy, odds are you’ll enjoy them even more with your Little—and you’ll be making a life-changing impact.

Andy Fleischmann, CEO of Nutmeg Big Brothers Big Sisters, Zoomed with Christine & Salt and he says he's determined to recruit 50 volunteers for fall, aka the "50 for Fall" campaign. 

So whaddya say? Ready to be a BIG?! 

Nutmeg Big Brothers Big Sisters CEO Andy Fleischmann talks to Christine and Salt about the “50 for Fall” campaign. He’s looking to recruit 50 male mentors to be big brothers for local kids who need the love and support. @bbbsnutmeg

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