Dirty on the :30: Will Harvey Weinstein's Nude Photos Be Released?

January 7, 2020

(Photo by Stephanie Keith/Getty Images)


Harvey Weinstein has now been charged on both coasts, so he's in trouble in New York and in L.A. And now, the New York Post is reporting that some of the nude photos investigators took of Weinstein could end up being shared publicly. 

This is part of the motion process they're going through right now, as they determine what can go into the trial. The nude photos could become public domain, as part of the people's case against Weinstein. It also serves as a way to humiliate him, which is something else prosecutors might be trying to do.

Last night was the premiere of The Bachelor, and the final of three hours was CRAZY. Pete the Pilot extended an invitation to Hannah B. after she broke down. It's setting up a season to be remembered. Hannah was filming Dancing With The Stars when she suffered a death in her family and a break down on her part. So now it seems like she might be going back to her ex, just as Pete's season as The Bachelor gets underway. 

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