Dirty on the :30: Dwayne Wade Expresses Pride In His Transgender Child

February 12, 2020

(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)


Former basketball star Dwayne Wade talked about being proud of his transgender child. We discuss all the awesome things he said on Ellen, and why it's so great to have a major figure from the sports world showing such LGBTQ+ support.

And the rumor on the street is, this year's Bachelor is hooking up with... one of the producers? Word has it, Pete isn't into any of the contestants this year, and he ends up choosing one of the show's producers. Is it true? We present all the evidence, as well as our wild speculation about this season's finale.

The Backstreet Boys announced their 2020 World Tour (including a stop in Hartford!), and they debunked a long-standing rumor on the Tonight Show. Is it true Ryan Gosling could have been a member of the band? Listen to get the definitive answer!