Is Katy Perry going to name her daughter Daisy?

The pop star talks baby names and quarantine life with Christine and Salt

May 22, 2020
Katy Perry Zoom Call

Katy Perry may be an international superstar but like the rest of us, she's stuck in her home during this coronavirus pandemic. Of course, being pregnant makes quarantine more stessful, so she escapes by simply getting in her car and bawling her eyes out. Hey, who can't relate to a few tears during this crisis? 

As for how fiancé, Orlando Bloom, is taking the quarantine — Katy says she's surprised he hasn't moved out yet! 

Watch Christine and Salt's interview with the fabulous Katy Perry where she dives into how we're all doing mentally, talks baby names, her new single, and reveals the nickname Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan call her on the American Idol set. Plus she explains why Connecticut is her favorite state to spell, and gives an ultimatum on Zoom calls!

Our interview with the fabulous @katyperry

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