Listeners sound off on high school football being cancelled in CT

People have a lot to say on the controversial subject

September 10, 2020

More than 1000 parents and high school student-athletes along with a handfull of state lawmakers took to the streets in Hartford yesterday protesting the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference's decision to put the kibosh on full-contact football this season. The gathering on the front steps of the state Capitol building got the attention of Governor Ned Lamont, who is calling for a meeting of the minds. 

While the powers-that-be work out the issue, parents called into Christine & Salt to vent their frustration.

Most calls were in favor of brining back the beloved sport, with one dad even offering to start a fundraiser to pay for rapid testing prior to practice and games. But the dissenting call pointed out that continued play is dangerous to the whole community, not just football players and their families. 

Listen to all the calls below, and be sure tune in to Christine & Salt to join the conversation.