Quarantine Chronicles Episode 18 *Graduation*

Push underway to let CT grads celebrate outside

May 12, 2020

Hundreds of high school senior parents from across Connecticut are joining together in an effort to plan the largest graduation ceremony in the country this Summer.

Parents from all over the state, from Greenwich to Guilford, Southington to Goshen, representing 41,014 graduating high school seniors, are coming together to propose “One Class, One Graduation, One Playbook” a volunteer-run ceremony at each high school athletic field. One such parent leading the cause is Michael Gaudio of Southington. He chats with Christine and Salt about his hopes that Governor Ned Lamont signs off on the ambitious event.

Presently, there is a restriction in Executive Order 7X, prohibiting social and recreational gathering of more than five people through May 20, 2020. The Governor has announced that restriction is intended to continue through at least June 20th as we enter the Phase 1 of reopening. But that's not stopping Michael Gaudio and other parents from trying to find a safe work-around. 

Also in this interview, you'll learn:

1. Whether kids even care about graduation. 

2. How to fall down a mountain while hiking.

3. What a 'Gaudio' is.