Lighter Side: School Enacts Zero Dating Policy For 5th Graders

September 30, 2019
school classroom

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Zero dating for fifth graders! Plus, cops searched for a suspect who hid in a corn maze! And this mom of teen sons did something very cool! More in today's Lighter Side!

Police in California spent a bit of time looking for a suspect after he ran into a corn maze. It took two hours to find him! He was suspected of stalking a woman and breaking conditions of a restraining order. 

A woman was arrested after adding something extra to the bean dip at her workplace (a supermarket). She spiked it with meth, claiming it was an accident.

An elementary school in Indiana recently enacted a zero dating policy across the board for all of the fifth graders! The problem was all the breakups were causing a lot of distraction in the classroom. They were given two days to "break up" with anyone they were "dating" and parents were furious because their kids were distraught. So, the school backtracked on the ban. 

Here's a good story from a mom of two teenage sons. She told them to pack pads and tampons in their backpacks because if their friends ever have a situation, they should be taken care of! This happened after one of their friends got her period and didn't have any pads because all her friends used tampons and she wasn't allowed to use them. This is an awesome thing to do! What a cool mom!