Hollywood Stories: How The Jonas Brothers Are Spending New Year's Eve

October 2, 2019

Here's what the Jo Bros are doing for NYE, plus details and Justin and hailey Bieber's wedding, a flare up between Lizzo and Iggy Azalea, and more from Hollywood.

This is the time of year when places start to book up their annual New Year's Eve bashes, and that goes for the Fontainebleau in Miami Beach. They've had headliners including Lady Gaga, Drake, and Justin Bieber, and this year they have tapped the Jonad Brothers to headline their party. General admission is $299, which is actually a pretty good deal considering it's a New Year's Eve party, although private tables run from five grand up to fifty thousand dollars. 

Nick Jonas he opened up about his Type 1 diabetes, and said when he was 13 years old, right before he was diagnosed, he was actually close to a coma. He said he was basically a day away from dying, if he hadn't gone to the hospital. Scary stuff. 

We recently heard that Adele and Simon Konecki, her former husband, had separated and filed for divorce, and it's reported that her new man is a grime rapper named Skepta. Grime is a type of rap out of the United Kingdom... if this is true, do you think she'll do a collab with him?

Taylor Swift is being accused of appropriating queer culture from her song "You Need To Calm Down." Chris of Christine and the Queens is a non-conforming French musician, and he said "I guess somewhere young gay men might watch that Taylor Swift video, and feel a sense of relief... Being queer has been glossed out as a super-fancy accessory." 

Billie Eilish had a really cool performance on SNL this past weekend, where the room spun around to look like she was walking on the walls and ceiling. She said in a behind the scenes video she put out yesterday that the timing had to be precise, and the way she worked out the timing was a Kleenex box in her living room, and she and her mom would rotate it to match the part of the song.

It seems like a Bachelorette star is dishing on a podcast. Mike Johnson, who has been revealed as of late to be dating Demi Lovato, started talking about their relationship. He said he likes her tattoos, and she kisses really well. He also said she was definitely the aggressor, which he found incredibly sexy. It doesn't matter if she's famous or not, nobody wants to get talked about like that. Mike should really probably stop talking. 

Iggy Azalea came out of hiding and jumped on Twitter because Lizzo sent out a Tweet and said if fans keep up the momentum for two more weeks, "Truth Hurts" will become the longest female rap number one of all time. Right now, it's "Fancy" by Iggy and Charli XCX. Lizzo name dropped Charli in her Tweet, but didn't mention Iggy at all, so Iggy sent out a Tweet say she could have sworn she rapped on that song. Iggy deleted that Tweet, and got jumped on by Lizzo's fans, but it seems the situation got de-escalated.

Details about Justin and Hailey Bieber's wedding on Monday have surfaced, and it seems to have been a lovely affair. Justin was apparently wearing diamond-encrusted grillz on his bottom teeth. 

Looking forward to forever with you @haileybieber

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Kylie Jenner was there, and noticeably was not with Travis Scott. Kylie instead was hanging out with her good friend Jaden Smith. Word has it, Kylie and Travis are taking a break.

✨ 9.30.19

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Meghan Markle Prince Harry are suing a British tabloid. This is usually unheard of, but they're suing over the leak of a private letter.