The Lighter Side: A Close Call With a Giant Asteroid!

July 26, 2019

Did you know the Earth had a close shave with an asteroid? We're talking Armageddon 2 here! Plus, discover a Polish village where only girls are being born, and clever ways Beglian bars have stopped people from stealing their glasses.

We have to find out what Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck are up to these days... there's a huge asteroid that barely missed the Earth, so we're basically living Armageddon 2! NASA says the near-miss traveled between the Earth and the moon, and was 17,000 miles closer than the moon to us. That's 17,000 miles too close, as far as we're concerned!

A new study says 27% of American families have truned their favorite hobby into a side hustle, because they weren't making enough money at work.

There's a new product out there that moms are swearing by. The SNOO is a $1,300 robo-bassinet, that rocks and sings. It's so popular, the company behind it is now allowing parents to rent them instead of paying so much to buy one.

A Polish village by the Czech border seems to be giving birth to just female babies, not males. It's to such a degree, the mayor is offering a reward to a family that can produce boys. No boys have been born in NINE years in this town.

We've all been to the bar when you find a nice glass you want to take home with you. But bars in Belgium are getting so overrun by people stealing their glassware, that they're taking extreme measures. One bar in Bruges has invested $5,000 to individually put security alarms on each of the glasses. He claimed about 80% of would-be thieves have been deterred. Another clever bar started operating like a bowling alley-- when you go in, you have to turn in your shoes, and you don't get them back until you give back the glass.