The Lighter Side: Dangers Of A See Through Swimsuit

August 12, 2019

Fellas-- who out there needs a see through swimsuit? Plus, there's a wild new record for solving the Rubick's cube and more!

Are you looking for some new apparel to wear at the beach? A company called Maverick Swim have released a new men's bathing suit that is totally see through. What's the point of a see-through swimsuit? And everything would be all smooshed! Plus, there's the shrinkage issue. There's already tan-through swimsuits, so why would anyone need a see through one?

A casting call for a chocolate commercial has people up in arms. The company Milka Chocolates are looking for a new spokesperson for their upcoming ad campaign. The casting call went out and said they were looking for a very pretty, child-like girl... but they said no redheads or overweight kids need apply. Here's what Hershey's should do-- cast a lovely, red-headed young woman who is a little curvy, and put those ads EVERYWHERE.

There's a new record for solving a Rubik's cube. The world record is 3.47 seconds with your hands, but a teenager from New York solved it in 16.9 seconds with his feet!

A Chicago cop is in trouble for giving a celebrity a ride to the airport. There's a video showing the celebrity in the front seat of the patrol car, as he left for O'Hare International Airport. Who was the celebrity? Hulk Hogan... not exactly someone who could travel incognito.