The Lighter Side: DNA Kit Reveals Husband and Wife Are Related

September 5, 2019

Talk about a thoughtful gift blowing up in your face... and speaking of blowing up, what's this about a dog poop bomb? Plus, see the catch of a lifetime in today's viral video!

Here's a service now in Rome, started by a man named Emanuele-- he will be your "Instagram boyfriend," providing a guided tour of Rome, plus he'll take the pictures for you. He is a social media manager in Italy, so he's all about branding and social media and influencing people... this seems like it would be a great experience. 

A man had to explain to a judge in Oregon why he made a dog poop bomb for his neighbor. Rod Alexander was very mad at his neighbors, who allegedly stole some stuff from him, so he decided to get back at them. He went to the junkyard, found an old airbag that had not been deployed yet, put the container inside a toolbox, filled it with dog feces... and when the box was opened, its contents would fly everywhere. The judge felt bad for him and decided to give him three years probation. 

A woman discovered something horrible after getting a DNA kit-- she's related to her own spouse. This woman ordered her husband a DNA kit as a gift for his birthday, but when you both grow up in the same small town, this can be a bad idea. It turns out that her husband is actually her first cousin. Now, it's causing conflicts with her mom, because she had lied about it. They don't have kids, but she is sleeping in a separate bedroom and does not know how to confront this problem with her family. 

A man in North Carolina has a dog who ran up a $70 dollar tab with his cable provider, on adult films. This guy's dog allegedly kept walking on the remote control, which accidentally ordered x-rated movies. Sounds like a cool excuse!

Today's viral video is a man on a roller coaster. As he's about to go down, he catches a cell phone which flew out of the car in front of him! This dude has some magic hands!