The Lighter Side: Eagles Fan Saves Kids, Throws Shade at Player

September 24, 2019

(Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

A true hero in Philadelphia throws shade at an Eagles player while describing his dramatic rescue of kids in a burning building. And what's inside a "felony bag"?

A court in Germany has ruled that hangovers count as illness. You can go ahead and take a sick day in Germany, if you're too hung over to go into work. A court in Frankfurt, Germany made the conclusion, timed well right before Oktoberfest.

A mom threatened her son that she would go to school with him if he continued to get in trouble. He's in eighth grade and was being rude to his math teacher. She got a call from the school, and the following morning, she surprised her son and sat next to him in class. She cleared the punishment with the school and they had no problem with it whatsoever. 

In Florida, a 59-year-old woman was pulled over for a traffic stop, and she was in the passenger seat not wearing a seatbelt. The cops talked to her and asked if she had any drugs on her person. She said "You guys should probably look at my felony purse." Did she get "Fenti" and "Felony" confused? Either way, inside the purse she had two crack rocks, a small bag of cocaine, and two crack pipes. 

A 19-year-old girl in Florida wanted extra tomatoes during dinner with her family. They said no, she had enough, and she grabbed a knife and threatened to stab her grandfather in the face. She is now facing two felony charges.

A Eagles fan named Hakim Laws was in a burning building. When he heard the building was on fire, he ran outside, but then he heard people inside and knew that there were children trapped in there. He ran back inside, got greeted with smoke, but then he and some of his co-workers helped get the ladder off the fire truck to assist people down. He explained how they were literally throwing babies out the window and catching them, and threw some shade at Eagles Wide Receiver Nelson Agholor for not being able to catch nearly as well as they did, after he had a horrible game this weekend.