The Lighter Side: Emoji Users Have Better Dating Lives and More Sex?

August 19, 2019

People who use emojis have better love lives? And what's a Step Mullet? Learn the awful truth right here!


Eight out of ten people have cried at work, according to a new survey, and the top three things that make us cry are:

  • A bad co-worker
  • Personal issues
  • Feeling overwhelmed with your workload

So don't feel weird if you're among those who cried at work.

Apparently people who use lots of emojis have better dating lives and more sex. What is the equivalency??? In a survey, 38 percent of people say they've never used an emoji in their texts, and and 28 percent of them use use them constantly. 

Two New York landlords were busted for splitting their condos to make more units out of them. They would take a typical 650 square foot unit and cut it in half to make it 375 each. But they didn't split them vertically, they split them horizontally, leaving them with a four and a half foot ceiling! They got busted over the weekend by the authorities and they've been fined $144,000 each. The craziest part? They had renters for the super short condos.

A woman torched a guy's house after being invited over for a 4am booty call. He invited her over and it took her a little longer than he expected to get over there, so he fell asleep. She drove to a gas station, got lighter fluid, and burned the house down. That is one fired up booty call. 

The latest hair trend out there is called the Step Mullet. It's like a classic mullet-- party in the back, business up front-- the the hair is medium length in the front, sort of like a skater bob from the 90s. When you turn sideways, there's a "step" that goes from the hair hanging just below your ears, to the longer hair going all the way down their neck. It's NOT a good look!

Amanecí preocupada leyendo que este tipo de corte se puede poner de moda jajajaja #stepmullets #hairtrends #next #trends

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