The Lighter Side: Engagement Ring Vending Machines?

September 4, 2019

Photo: iStock/Getty Images Plus

An engagement ring from a vending machine? Plus, did a Maid-of-Honor take "wear whatever you want" too far at her sister's wedding? More in The Lighter Side with Christine and Salt! 

Psychics work full time at a Florida spiritualist camp. They offer attendees the chance to be healed in a variety of ways. They also speak with the dead. It's called Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp and it's been around for quite awhile. 

A bride told her sister, the maid-of-honor, to wear whatever she wanted to the wedding... she showed up dressed as a T-Rex! LOL!

There's a breakthrough in vending machine technology! There's a new one in NYC's Rockefeller Center that offers anything from a Brooks Brothers shirt to an engagement ring... they want these products to be available early mornings or late nights when stores are closed. 

Remember the book "Go The F*** To Sleep" and Samuel L. Jackson read it? Well, there's a sequel coming out called, "F***, Now There Are Two Of You". LOL! And Larry David is gonna voice it!