The Lighter Side: Florida Man Took Naked Jog, Forgot He Came From Nudist Colony

August 16, 2019

Read Receipts on text messages can be a dealbreaker anyway, but on a first date?? Plus, why was it raining money in Lancaster, PA?

A guy posted about a first date he went on with another guy, and that man asked him to turn on his read receipts on their first date. They were texting back and forth, they went on the date, and then the guy sent him detailed instructions on how to turn on read receipts on his text messages, so he knews if they were read or not. Most of the internet agreed, and said this guy should just run. 

There's an educator in South Africa that had to apologize because he was trying to get people to read more. It wasn't that nice message he apologized for, it was that he was promoting it using scantily clad men and women on Instagram. The images would show somebody with their shirt off, being covered by a book. That's probably not the best way to do spread the word. 

In Lancaster, Pennsylvania, $100 bills were raining from the sky. Two men were doing a drug deal, and while they were running from the cops, jumping roof to roof, a bag of money fell out. The wind caught the money inside, and it started raining $100 bills over people on the street. However, sadly, the money was fake.

In the great state of Florida, a man was arrested at 5am on August 1st, as he ran by a police officer who was gassing up at a local gas station. The man had just come from a place called Sunnier Palms, which is a nudist community, and he decided to go for an early morning jog without putting his clothes back on. The guy was under the influence of something, so when the officer stopped him, the guy couldn't remember where he was coming from, or why he was naked.