The Lighter Side: Food car at Chicago Airport Goes Haywire

October 2, 2019

Is this the start of the robot revolution? Plus, hear the homeless woman with the voice of an agnel in LA and more.

A homeless woman in the Metro in Los Angeles has an absolutely incredible voice. She's originally from Russia, where she used to make money playing violin on the streets. Someone tried to steal her violin and broke it, so she had to resort to other ways to make money. Someone saw her singing in the Metro, took a video of her, and she went viral. So hopefully some good fortune will come out of this for her. She's already raised $45,000 on a GoFundMe page.

The White House is a beautiful building on the outside, but inside it's notoriously a rat trap. The press corps was sitting there yesterday, and NBC News White House correspondent Peter Alexander had a mouse literally fall into his lap. This has raised the question, does the White House have a rat problem?

A food service car at Chicago O'Hare International Airport went haywire, spinning around, with no driver to be seen. Instead of it crashing into an airplane, a guy jumped into one of the luggage carts and rammed into it, knocking it over. If it had hit the plane, the flight would have been grounded and messed up plans for a lot of people.

A woman in the Bronx decided to be the dum-dum of all dum-dums. She climbed the enclosure for the lion cage, and started dancing and taunting the animal. We're glad it didn't end badly, but if it did, we have to side with the lion, TBH.