The Lighter Side: Gender Reveal Party Creator Thinks They're a Bad Idea

July 30, 2019

The inventor of the gender reveal party has a change of heart. Plus, the strangest thing found in a checked luggage bag at the airport and more stories!


The creator of gender reveal parties is a blogger from California named Jenna, and she now says it was a stupid idea. Wonder how she feels about Promposals?

What is the best revenge to get on a snake that bites you? An Indian man who was bitten by a snake got his revenge on the reptile by biting it back, and it ended up killing the snake. Usually that doesn't end well for the human. 

A man in Florida was accused of getting into a brawl with all of his friends that lived in his house. They were all just watching TV and they said he just went bonkers and started smashing everything, including one of their friends. When the cops show up, his explanation was he was just looking for his kitten, who got lost in the house. He denied beating up his friends, but the cops asked him about the pool of blood they found on his front door, and he had no good answer. 

A man traveling to Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport got stopped after TSA found a missile launcher in his checked luggage. The TSA released a statement yesterday, confirming that the military grade weapon was located in the man's checked baggage. That's nice to know, it wasn't a carry on. He said he wanted to keep the weapon as a souvenir, as he was in the military coming home from Kuwait, and that the launcher was not a live device because it didn't have a missile with it.