The Lighter Side: Killer Plants In New York City!

September 10, 2019

A killer plant has invaded New York City! Plus meet the man trying to visit every Starbucks in the world, and more.

The hallucinogenic weed, Datura Stamonium (AKA Jimson weed), is growing all over New York City, and parts of it are lethally toxic regardless of how much is ingested. If you see this stuff, stay away from it! 

Would you drink Brussels sprouts in gin? Gin is traditionally made from juniper berries, but Pickerings Gin in Edinburgh, Scotland have decided to release a Brussels sprout-flavored gin. The flavored gin will be sold around the holiday season.

There's a new way to pay for your Amazon groceries, if you go to Whole Foods... a new technology called "Orville" will scan your hand's shape and size and charge the credit card linked to your specific hand. It will supposedly save you time, because the 3-4 seconds it takes to scan your card is apparently too much for some people.

There's a ton of Starbucks around the world, and a Texas man named Winter has made it his mission to visit every single store. So far he's been to nearly 15,000 locations, and it's taken him 22 years. He stopped at 44 Starbucks locations in Peru recently, where he admitted something shocking-- he prefers independent coffee makers, and doesn't like Starbucks brew.

A report has come out that some menstrual tracking apps are sharing their data with Facebook. This means Facebook can now tell when you're having sex, what kinds of contraception you're using... and using that information to sell you things. That's some terrifying invasion of privacy.