Lighter Side: Man Sues Batting Cages After Balls Were Hit... Literally!

October 4, 2019

Photo: iStock/Getty Images Plus

Guy sues over batting cage injury... and another sued for alienation of affection after his wife cheated! Plus, bacon and cocktails! More in The Lighter Side with Christine and Salt!

Smithfield brand is holding a contest that will award a person with a ton of bacon! It's at a speedway during NASCAR weekend. Pick which driver is gonna win and ten lucky winners could get 100,000 slices of bacon. 

A 52-year-old guy in NYC wanted to relive his glory days. He went to the batting cages and jumped right into 75 MPH pitches... and the ball hit him right in the groin! And now, he's suing the batting cages because his doctor said he could lose one of the boys. He claims the batting cage malfunctioned... but no, it's always delayed five seconds, SMH. 

Applebee's $1 cocktail this month is the Vampire! It has strawberry, passion fruit, dragon fruit, a dash of pineapple and rum. It's a deep purple color! They throw in a cherry and vampire teeth! 

There's a man in North Carolina that sued his wife's lover... and WON! He sued for alienation of affection and scored $750k!