The Lighter Side: New iPhone Triggering Trypophobia

September 12, 2019

Photo: iStock/Getty Images Plus

Trypophobia is a thing and the new iPhone is triggering it! Plus, don't rub toothpaste on yourself for this reason... more in today's Lighter Side with Christine and Salt! 

People are rubbing toothpaste on their midsection in order to extend their arousal. Pharmacists say the peppermint oils and other bleaching agents can be extremely irritating to that area... DUH.

And speaking of people doing odd things, instead of sexting they are sharing Google documents???

And in stupid criminal news, a psychic in Florida managed to get $1.6M out of woman over the course of 7 years when she convinced the woman that she was cursed. She admitted it was a scam and was sentenced to 3 years in prison. 

A preview of the new iPhone cameras have come out and it has the three camera lenses clumped together... and it's triggering people's trypophobia, or fear of clusters of holes. 

The finalists for the Toy Hall of Fame are out and here's this year's list include Magic the Gathering card game, He-Man and She-Ra, Matchbox cars, NERF guns, Risk, the top, Care Bears, and... smart phones? (Isn't it too soon for smart phones?)