The Lighter Side: Ohio Man Is The New Florida Man

September 9, 2019

Photo: iStock/Getty Images Plus

Ohio Man is ready to oust Florida Man with ridiculous stories! Plus, there's a White Claw shortage and people are freaking out! More in The Lighter Side with Christine and Salt! 

There is a White Claw Hard Seltzer shortage and people are freaking out! 

A news anchor is Pennsylvania is suing for $10M after an image of her was used in dating and erectile dysfunction ads. They were regular pictures she posted and they stole them and used them in a pop-up ad! 

Home buying negotiations broke down between buyer and seller in Canada, the purchaser being a former NHL player. The difference they were fighting over was only $3000 (CAD), so the seller made a joke to his realtor why don't we do a shoot out at the ice rink. And the player takes him up... but didn't realize the guy is a rec-league goalie and the NHL player LOST! His name has not been released... LOL!

A man in Ohio was trying to kill bedbugs. He doused his entire house and mattress with rubbing alcohol... then lit a match. Thankfully everyone got out of the house, but... everyone was displaced by the fire. Hopefully all the bed bugs were killed... 

Another guy in Ohio called police because cops took his weed. Click here to listen to the call