The Lighter Side: A Scream-Worthy Realtor Property Video

September 26, 2019

New breakthroughs in selling houses, and smuggling stuff into prison!

There's a realtor in Brandon, Florida named Levi Stubbs who's decided to do property video spotlights a little differently. The former Air Force veteran and real estate broker came up with a creative way to show off his latest listing. The home itself isn't anything to write home about, a pretty standard three-bedroom house, but in the background of the video as Levi is introducing the home, you see a figure wearing the Ghost Face costume from the Scream movies wandering in the background. Levi doesn't acknowledge this at any point, until the end of the video when he said he felt like somebody was following him the entire time. Very creative!

A drone used in a rather unique way in Cleveland. Police officers and prison officials from Cuyahoga County Prison said their jail complex has an outdoor yard, and they could see video of inmates out there playing cornhole. One of the prisoners is waiting with his sweatshirt in his hands, and contraband was dropped into his hands from above, from a drone! Authorities say the parcel that was dropped into the inmate's hands contained a cell phone and loose leaf marijuana.

A woman was shopping for a car in Maine at Norm's Used Cars, looking for a late model Sentra with low mileage, something nice and easy to drive. Apparently when she took the car for a test drive, it got away from her and she went through the front plate glass window of the showroom. It caused $30,000 in damage-- almost three times the value of the car-- and she is 92 years old now.