The Lighter Side: Senior Citizen Sex Party in Fairfield County!

August 22, 2019

A pair of crimes in Connecticut, a pair of medical oddities in India, and more odd news from around the world.

A 14-year-old in India who was complaining of stomach problems, and when she went to the doctor, they diagnosed her with something called Rapunzel Syndrome. This is a rare condition that's only been reported 60 times prior to this girl. As you might suspect, this disorder involves eating your own hair. They found a three pound hairball in the girl's stomach. 

A 17-year-old girl, also in India, found herself with stomach pain, but it was not a three pound hairball causing her problems... it was her twin. When she was in utero, she absorbed her sibling, who then began growing inside of her. A scan revealed a mass in the girl's stomach that had a fat density area, soft tissue, and multiple calcified density components of various sizes resembling vertebrae, ribs, and long bones.

An 88-year-old Connecticut man was arrested for allegedly showing up at his nephew's place of work, telling employees he was going to shoot him. Why? According to the man, his nephew stole some things from him and damaged his cuckoo clock. He said he was only going to shoot the nephew in the leg, to teach him a lesson. He was released on $5,000 bond.

Six senior citizens in Fairfield County were caught having sex in public. They were in an open space, the Grace Richardson parcel, and police officers came upon the gaggle of seniors who were copulating in the field. They included a 67-year-old, two 62-year-olds, a 75-year-old, and two who were in their 80s. They were all released with a promise to appear back in court.

In Florida, Chastity Bodnar got upset when her boyfriend told her she drinks too much. He left and she followed him out to the garage and went "Stone Cold Steve Austin on his ass," crushing two beer cans on his skull. They were both arrested after reporting a domestic abuse call, her for the attack and him because he gave the police an attitude.