The Lighter Side: A Sneaker Subscription Service From Nike?

August 13, 2019

Nike is looking out for parents whose kids keep outgrowing shoes. Plus, you won't believe how many bands the kids from Stranger Things are in!


Gaten Matarazzo from Stranger Things has a band. They're called Work In Progress, and it's interesting because he's not the only cast member in a band. Steve is in a band called Post Animal, which is ranked number two amongst the Stranger Things bands. The number one is Finn Wolfhard's band, Calipurnia. They should all get together and form a Stranger Things supergroup!

Nike is starting a subscription service for parents. There are three tiers-- you can pay $20, $30, or $50 per month-- and every other month, your kids will get a brand new pair of shoes. Kids grow so fast and they're always in and out of shoes, so this is a cool kind of facelift for their sneakers.

A pair of brothers in Ohio auctioned off an odd item for charity, which netted them lots of money for St. Jude's Hospital... it was a pig. It was a livestock auction, they thought they'd get $1k but they ended up getting $11,000!

Police in Fort Collins, Colorado helped out a young, married couple who like to attend Colorado State football games. The couple used to ride a tandem bike to the stadium, but the bike-- a wedding gift-- was stolen from them. When it was later recovered, the bike was too damaged to function, but the police got them a brand new one.

A lot of things can go wrong at a wedding. There's a video of a woman in Scotland, who was caught feeding her new son-in-law because he got too wasted at his own wedding. It's crazy!